A Meditation Chair custom built to fit you! Taoist inspired design...

Meditation | Breathe | Prayer | Chanting | Yoga | Qigong

STARTING from approx.$245.00 USA

This is not a normal chair and to find out

more why its not please see the 4 short videos


Important to learn how to Measure


Made in Canada

Introduction Video 1

Sit in Chair for Meditation 

Back Support Video 2

Sit in Chair for Meditation 

A Meditation Chair

5 Piece Joinery

A Meditation Chair
  • Comfort

    A Meditation Chair is built to fit your body measurements and your favorite seat cushion. It provides you with a back rest to allow you to alleviate tension or discomfort during a seated meditation, if you so desire.

  • Alignment

    A Meditation Chair is designed to facilitate best practices for seated meditation. Included with your purchase of A Meditation Chair are detailed instructions on how to best sit in a chair for meditation. and how to perform three chair-sitting techniques that will help alleviate physical tension and pain.

  • Peace

    Meditation is important for our well being, our planet and the universe. But sitting on the floor or a chair or standing for prolonged periods of time can be difficult. Sitting on A Meditation Chair with proper body-alignment techniques can help alleviate physical tension and pain. You can sit longer and focus on what you are doing, rather than squirming or being distracted by physical discomfort.

  • Designed For You

    The goal of meditation is to go beyond the mind and experience our essential nature—which can bring you inner peace and happiness. Meditation is not about sitting on the floor with your legs twisted beyond your capacity. Many people suffer from back problems and/or injured or stiff hips, knees or ankles, any of which can make seated floor meditation uncomfortable. A  Meditation Chair is designed to support your painless success.

Custom Fit


2 Back Rest Positions

90° - Vertical
95° - For Back Ease

Your Choice of Wood

Baltic Birch 
Reclaimed Wood (Douglas Fir)
Your Choice of Wood (Quote)

Stretch Upward Video 3

Sit in Chair For Meditation

Release Lower Back Video 4

Sit in Chair For Meditation

Incorrect Sitting Alignment

Correct Sitting Alignment

What Our Customers Are Saying

I’ve been looking for this chair for 30 years, ever since I started  practicing Taoist sitting meditation. It’s delightful to finally have a chair custom built for my long legs, and in accordance with Taoist recommendations for optimal practice sitting in a chair. This chair and way of sitting allows me to maintain open energy channels so that I have no physical discomfort. What else could I ask for? Plus I love the reclaimed Douglas fir wood.

Maintaining proper alignment during my meditation practice has become increasingly challenging for me due to problems with my lower back, pelvis and hips.  As soon as I saw “A Meditation Chair” I knew I needed one to help me get the most of my meditation practice time.  After having the opportunity to actually sit in one during a recent chi gung workshop I ordered one on the spot.  I am told it has been produced and is on the way. I am very excited about it.

I’ve tried practicing meditation for many years with little success. Seated position, whether on the floor, couch or chair, produced discomfort in my back so much so, that it was difficult for my mind to focus in a meditative way, and I pretty much gave up trying to explore mindfulness. After I sat in Hal Michaels’s Meditation Chair however, I suddenly developed a renewed interest in giving meditation another try. I found the placement of the chair’s seatback gently supported my back allowing my spine to comfortably remain upright and in neutral position, and the height of the chair’s seat allowed the bottom of my feet to lay flat on the floor - very comfortable! Mr. Michaels was diligent in answering all my questions and I placed an order for my new, custom made Meditation Chair. I look forward to receiving it soon and begin my journey into meditation!

“I love the chair! I use it for my daily, early morning meditation, and more recently, began using it while I write (am writing a book).”

I received Hal Michaels’s Meditation Chair in its well-protected, beautifully presented packaging just in time for the holidays! Thoughtful guidance and mediation instruction at Chicago Tai Chi, together with home practice using my new Meditation Chair has proven very gratifying. I’m astounded that I can sit comfortably in the Meditation Chair without back strain or neck ache, making it possible for me to focus on longevity breathing and meditation – I’m very happy with the chair!

This meditation chair has truly been a blessing. Seated meditation has allowed me to progress my meditation practice further than it has ever been. I have knee pain and I can finally easily transition from standing to seated meditation. I can practice my alignments as the chair is fitted to me.  I find myself meditating for longer, allowing me to find my awareness of internal sensations. It’s become something that I go to when I’m stressed where I can find my center and breath. The quality of this product is excellent. Allowing the buyer to enter in their measurements is profoundly helpful to someone looking to progress their meditation practice. You will not find another product like this, trust me I have tried. 

Most current meditation chairs are all similar & for crossed-legs, cushion-sitting, not alleviating the pressure for the knees, for the hips or for people who have trouble bending down and getting up again.

Just came home this evening to your wonderful chair waiting for me - what a pleasing and practical design!

Will send a photo tomorrow (when the lighting should be better) of its new home.

It will be a crucial helpmate on a weeklong silent retreat next month. Thank you so much for getting it crafted and sent so quickly.

Thanks again, Hal!
Amazing first sit this morning.

I was reminded of this quote (apparently by Sam Harris https://samharris.org/podcasts/drugs-and-the-meaning-of-life/):

"If LSD is like being strapped to a rocket, learning to meditate is like gently raising a sail."
Sitting in your chair is like gently raising a sail on a rocket!

Been enjoying the chair immensely. Will be embarking on a weeklong silent retreat this coming weekend; your chair will be a huge aid during the journey!

Hi Hal

Yes I received it a few days ago. So far it’s awesome, exactly what I was looking for in a meditation chair.  

Investing into the Meditation Chair is the best decision of my life. 

I have been practicing meditation as a part of studying and practicing  Mahayana Buddhism. It has been success/failure journey and I ended up hurting my knees during personal retreat at some point. My practice changed to the lying down and/or sitting on the regular chair sessions that were painful to my knees, hips, and middle back. I have lost my my ability to concentrate during my sits. Also, I have history of sport training related injuries and my incorrect meditation postures did aggravate it to some degree. 

The Chair has changed that. My few first sessions were pure joy and success. I can concentrate on the analytical and breathing meditations and I can dedicate my time and effort to the structured meditation for the spiritual progress. It will take some time to find my sweet spot with the body alignment and the cushions but it is a pleasant part of the adjustments.   

Thank you Hal for your great work and support! Meditation journey to be continued.