My own journey was in Japanese seiza and Yoga half lotus.

I saw improvement through pain then moments of no pain followed by pain again.

Most of my practice was painful followed by the ease of the pain then numbness of foot, ankle area, leg and hip.

Having found a standing posture (Qi Gong) I was overjoyed as you can imagine.

Then I came to page 104 in

   “Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body”

By Bruce Frantzis

Lesson 2 Sitting Alignments paragraph 1,

followed by Basic Sitting Postures paragraph 2 and there he describes how a chair should be!

With no chair to be found based on his recommendations

I started to in-vision what that chair might be.

He writes:

“Based on a flat, unmoving bottom with a least an inch of free space on each side of your hips and a solid, unmoving, straight back set perpendicularly to the seat.”

"The seat should be the height so you can sit, with your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent at an angle of approximately 90 degrees.”

“The alignments of the sitting posture mimic in all major respects of the alignments of the standing posture.”

With several prototypes and design changes

“A Meditation Chair” was born and still evolving.

Taking into consideration to achieve the above sitting postures.

“A Meditation Chair” can only be truly custom built to your measurements. Designed For You!

“A Meditation Chair “ is manufactured in Canada, we take in to account the environment and locate and use wood with careful consideration.

We offer 1 type of reclaimed wood from BC homes.

Please note that our brochure has been reformatted to fit “A Meditation Chair “ from “Opening The Energy Gates Of Your Body” Chapter - Sitting Alignments with permission by Bruce Frantzis. 

It is my recommendation that you read

“Opening The Energy Gates of your Body”

to further benefit both seated and standing meditative practices.

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